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Do you have a leaking tap?

Plumb Perth is your go-to plumber for all plumbing needs, including leaking taps. Leaking taps can waste a lot of water and increase your power bill unnecessarily, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

While they may seem like a small problem, leaking taps can waste over 1,500 litres of water each month, which will certainly add up on your water bill! Plumb Perth can provide a quick service that will have long-lasting results.

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About our leaking tap service

Upon arrival, our reliable and experienced plumbers will first conduct an inspection to determine the cause of the leaking tap. Usually with leaking taps, our plumbers will be able to perform a simple tap service consisting of a new washer install, O-ring replacements, and spindle thread maintenance and re-seating allowing your taps to run as new.

Tap services are also recommended when you feel as though you have to turn your tap off tightly to prevent it from dripping.

In some instances where fixtures are damaged beyond repair, Plumb Perth will recommend a new tapware installation. Our plumbers have access to discounted tapware of a range of styles, and can help you to pick out the perfect alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a leaking tap?

The most common cause of a leaking tap is a damaged part, generally meaning a washer or the O-rings are worn and aren’t stopping water from exiting the tap properly. The good news is this is a very quick and easy fix.

More complicated issues leading to a leaking tap can include cracked pipes, high water pressure, and valve seat corrosion.

Do I have to fix my leaking tap?

While you may think you can live with a leaking tap, it will be cheaper long-term to fix a leaking tap and avoid further damage or high water bills. Our plumbers can recommend some cost-effective solutions to ensure that getting your tap fixed is the easy choice!

How do you fix a leaking tap?

Generally leaking taps can be fixed with Plumb Perth’s tap service, which includes a new washer installation, O-ring replacements, and spindle thread maintenance and re-seating.

Where can leaking taps occur?

Any taps in your house can be subject to leaking and need regular maintenance. Our plumbers have access to discounted tapware, no matter which tap set you want to replace, including:

Sink mixers and sink taps for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries

Bath mixers and bath taps

Shower mixers and shower taps

What is a mixer as opposed to a tap?

If you have two taps, one for hot and one for cold, these are known as taps. If there is one handle that you swivel from hot to cold, this is a mixer. Our plumbers can take you through all of the options available if you are looking to replace your current fixtures.