Washer & Dryer


Are you looking to install some white good appliances?

Whether it’s a fridge or a washing machine, the experienced team at Plumb Perth can install all of your white goods and ensure there are no leaks before they consider the job done. If you’re looking to relocate where your white goods are based, they can work out the most efficient way to install pipes to get your water where it needs to go.

Common Types of White Goods Installations

Fridge tap.png


Is it time to upgrade to that new fridge with a water tap you’ve been wanting? Even if you don’t already have water at the needed location, our team of qualified plumbers will be able to discuss the options you have available.

Washing Machine Maintenance

Washing machine

While you can install your own washing machine, the team at Plumb Perth make the installation process a breeze, and ensure your space looks as good as it did when they arrived. You can also have confidence knowing there will be no surprise leaks after it has been installed.

Dish Washer


Whether you are looking to replace your current dishwasher or add one to your currently dishwasher-less kitchen, our experienced plumbers will be able to work out the best place to install your new appliance.